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I can't. If I sit down and loosen the bowels, whatever is in my bladder is coming out, too. It's dangerous when it's cold and my 13 inch hog withdraws into my body, there's the constant threat of peeing straight over the toilet seat and into my waiting pile of clothes on the floor a couple of feet away from me.

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A buddy of mine at work just told me something that changed my entire worldview. Am I the weirdo here? You are not.

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For a recent example, see how NASA was forced to cancel an all-women spacewalk due to a lack of suits in a suitable size. However, the US stopped the program and refused to include them in excursions to space. It's true that astronauts did keep selecting the wrong sized sheath in some kind of bizarre and misguided attempt to impress ground control. Finally, when American women began going into space, NASA had to develop a way for them to pee in space.

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I have two well-behaved golden retrievers who walk with me unleashed on the sidewalk. They listen on command, and they have the right to pee and poop wherever they want. I do pick up the No.

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When most animal bodies process nutrients, they expel waste in the form of liquids and solids — generally referred to as urine and feces. Waste is usually smelly and unappetizing for people, at least but it can also be surprisingly beneficial. Pee and poo have a wide range of applications; providing nutrients for diverse ecosystems, serving as a foundation for expensive perfumes, or even fueling robots.

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Peeing, pooping and periods outside With a few easy techniques, plus some groundbreaking we apologize for the bad pun gear, these normal bodily functions can be easily managed while in the great outdoors. To use a Kula Clothsimply squat to pee like normal or you can use a pee funnel if that's your thing. Use the antimicrobial absorbent side of the Kula to clean up any residual moisture.

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See files for Cats. If your cat cannot pee or poo you should go to a veterinarian immediately. In order to maintain an adequate health status, a cat needs to eliminate urine and feces.

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This will not post anything on Facebook or anywhere else. I think we can all agree, first of all, that a satisfying dump really is one of the purest joys in the world. And while deep in thought, appreciating the natural marvel that is pooping, we wondered just why pretty much every poop you've ever created in life is always accompanied with some urine. Turns out there's a legit reason why you can easily pee without shit betraying you, but not the other way around.


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