Blues licks all keys

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They say you have to have the blues to play the blues. Guitar teacher Mike B. Presented here are 5 easy blues guitar licks that are essential building blocks of a larger blues vocabulary.

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Although the bebop era lasted less than a decade, it has had a lasting influence on subsequent generations of jazz improvisers. Players such as Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Clifford Brown, Bud Powell, and others brought fresh levels of excitement to their extended solos, ushering in a new era of jazz improvisation. Common jazz rhythmic devices such as syncopation, swung eighth notes, triplets, and motifs are used in each lick to create musical variety, and all of the audio examples are recorded at medium to slow tempos for study purposes.

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Jazz is a theoretically and technically demanding world for guitar players. Here are some crossover licks you can use with your existing blues repertoire to add a jazz flavour to what you do. For all the licks in this lesson, I will be basing the phrases mostly around pentatonic shapes, which will be immediately comfortable for anyone well versed in blues playing.

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Exploring the world of country guitar is a diverse and exciting journey, one from which a guitarist of any background can benefit, while having fun. Modern country guitar is an amalgam of traditional and not-so-traditional playing approaches borrowed from several related homegrown American styles. As such, it includes elements of blues, bluegrass, rock and roll, and even jazz, and it offers a tasty mix of expressive and challenging playing techniques. The go-to ax for most country pickers is a solidbody electric guitar, particularly a Telecaster-style design, equipped with single-coil pickups and fairly light-gauge strings.

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Solo at Sec. Charles Porter shows a greate Dizzy Gillespie lick Lots of fun. Exercise can be played on any scale you are worling on.

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For those willing to pay their dues and play the blues, these licks are a rite of passage and a continuous source of inspiration. Presented here for your edification are 12 classic blues phrases, each with a certified pedigree. You can drop any of these into a blues-based progression and come out smiling.

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Another early video tutorial originally done for Expert Village. This is a collection of thirty different blues licks ranging from beginning through advanced. The videos show the licks in C, but you can download sheet music which has the licks in nearly all keys.

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Today we are going to take our short, sweet and easy blues lick further by learning how to play it in a different key — A. But, before you go anywhere, there is very little music theory in this lesson. In fact all you need to know to transpose move to another key is the names of the notes on your guitar and how to count in half steps. The biggest reason to learn how to do this is simple.

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They can provide a safe "fall back" option when you're playing on the spot during an improvised solo, or when you simply need to fill out a solo with some tried and tested phrases. The problem is, most guitarists don't know how to learn guitar licks in a truly productive way. That means being able to apply the lick in your own music, in a variety of situations and connect the lick seamlessly to the rest of your solo, wherever you are on the fretboard.

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Learning jazz language can happen in a lot of different ways. Listening to jazz, learning solos by ear, or learning jazz standards. But if you want some quick and helpful rewards for your time investment, learning licks is a great way to go. Licks are short musical phrases, usually played over the context of a chord or chord progression.


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