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Their photographs day in and day out include images of people going about their everyday busies, oblivious to the camera. However, a funny Google Maps picture depicts a site someone would probably have wanted to keep private. Google Maps.

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Google's Street View feature for Google Maps, which enables users to see certain parts of several big US cities through panoramic images, has caused a new trend: StreetSpotting. We just invented that. We've gone through the avalanche of reports about funny, weird or even sexy things spotted on Street View, and chosen 15 that we like most.

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As British teenagers use the online tool to 'splash-mob' private swimming pools, Robert Colvile explains how geography got groovy. News: Google Earth and Facebook 'dipping' craze irks pool owners. What links a stone mastiff from Bournemouth, my parents' sun umbrella, a Chinese military base and a 87,square-foot image of fast-food mascot Colonel Sanders laid out in the Nevada desert?

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Luckily for the guy his manhood has been hidden from view by a conveniently placed umbrella pole. The placement of the pole falls directly between his behind, concealing his private parts from the rest of the world. Previously, a man was caught performing a bizarre act on the street view. Real Life.

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Their photographs often include images of people going about their everyday lives, oblivious to the camera. However, a funny Google Maps picture depicts a situation someone would probably have wanted to keep private. Google Maps.

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This is a list of places where social nudity is practised in North America for recreation. As a philosophy, this practice is commonly referred to as naturism ; the International Naturist Federation has affiliates in over 30 countries. This listing includes free beaches clothing-optional beaches or nude beaches and some private resorts.

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By SN Thursday September 21, The Register — Thursday 21st September :. No sooner had the poor Dutch woman pictured here popped up on Google Sightseeing, than Digg got hold of her assets.

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This is the Age of Google Earth and Microsoft's Live Search Maps -- of computer wizardry that offers a whole new window through which to peer down upon the world. It's a planetary perspective that would have been the envy of explorers from Marco Polo to Neil Armstrong. Never before has armchair adventure been so rich and so ready.

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Have you ever spotted a Google Street View car in your area? Google updates its Street View imagery every few years or so in most urban areas, so depending on where you live, you might have a pretty good chance of seeing one of Google's unmistakable Street View cars take a drive down your street with its branded exterior and wacky looking camera perched on top of its roof. It just so turns out that Google's Street View team often ends up capturing some pretty strange stuff.

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Spotters poring over satellite images housed on the popular Google Earth service have spied what appears to be two topless sunbathers in the Dutch city of The Hague soaking up the rays. The pair - one apparently a woman and the other seemingly a man - are sunning themselves on rooftops that are about 1. The woman appears to be lying face down on a rooftop terrace in a residential area not far from the Dutch Parliament. The man seems to be clad in shorts and can be seen sitting on the roof of a house opposite a canal or river.


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