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Jacinta Don't panic, everything sounds completely normal. Most, if not all, young people worry about the changes that happen to their bodies during puberty. It's great that you feel comfortable using a mirror to try to see and understand what's happening, particularly in the genital area, which for girls is often tricky to see properly, compared to boys where everything hangs out!

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The hymen is a thin membrane that covers the opening to the vagina. Hymenal tags are outgrowths of extra hymen tissue. These tags usually stick off the edge of the hymen.

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Labial agglutination occurs when the skin around the vagina sticks together. Read about possible treatments including estrogen cream and zinc oxide. The labia are thin folds of skin around a girl's vagina.

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Right there among life's great questions, like "Is there an afterlife? See, there is not really any such thing as a normal vagina. Like the leprechaun or the CHUD, the idea of there being one kind of "normal vagina" is a total myth.

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Have you started losing skin from your vagina? If your vaginal region sheds skin internally or externally, it can be alarming. But try not to panic!

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HOW many times have you noticed a little itch or bump If the answer is "never", you're either lying to yourself or you're not examining your vagina enough. Because it's not just your boobs you should be checking on the regular - your vulva that's the fleshy outer bit of your vag also needs some attention to make sure nothing odd is going on.

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Le site est en cours de maintenance pendant quelques heures. Piece of skin hanging from vagina? I have had it as long as I can remember, its a piece of skin that hangs just in front of the sex hole.

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In a world where we all got filled in on the specifics of our genitals really well, it'd be an obvious question. But since most people don't, a lot of people have questions like this, all the time. It's no sweat, and there's no reason to feel foolish for asking.

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Labia minora are typically between one and two inches long, Minkin says, adding that some people have labia minora smaller or bigger than that, which is also normal. The only sign that your labia may actually be too long is if they stick out of underwear and bathing suits, cause swelling and pain when biking, swimming, running, or otherwise being active, or even get dragged into the vagina during sex. This situation is pretty rare. Discharge helps keep your vagina clean, plus it can be part of the natural lubrication that makes sex feel better than it would otherwise.


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