Point at the bottom of the curve liquid graduated cylinder

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Graduated cylinders are thin glass tubes used to measure the volumes of liquids. The process of calculating volume using a graduated cylinder is straightforward, but certain steps must be taken to ensure an accurate reading and maintain a safe working environment. Once you familiarize yourself with the procedure, you will be able to repeat the steps with confidence and quickly measure small amounts of liquids.

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What is a material with a freezing point above 0 degrees Celsius? A meniscus is what happens when you put a liquid into a container. When you put water in a beaker or test tube, you see a curved surface.

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Follow-up on this answer. Learn more physics! Related Questions.

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The meniscus is the curve seen at the top of a liquid in response to its container. The meniscus can be either concave or convex, depending on the surface tension of the liquid and adhesion to the wall of the container. A concave meniscus occurs when the molecules of the liquid are more strongly attracted to the container than to each other. The liquid appears to "stick" to the edge of the container.

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A meniscus is a curve formed on the upper surface of a liquid inside a container. This is the way you read a meniscus in a laboratory situation. The meniscus is the curve seen at the top of a liquid in response to its container.

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Science Explorer. Frequently Asked Questions. Multimedia Gallery.

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Collecting data is an important part of any scientific investigation. There are two types of data. Accuracy and precision have very similar definitions—both describe the quality of results in a laboratory experiment.

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It is the bottom of the meniscus. The meniscus. Make sure to always measure at that point. The lowest part.

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The meniscus plural: meniscifrom the Greek for "crescent" is the curve in the upper surface of a liquid close to the surface of the container or another object, caused by surface tension. It can be either concave or convexdepending on the liquid and the surface. A concave meniscus occurs when the particles of the liquid are more strongly attracted to the container adhesion than to each other cohesioncausing the liquid to climb the walls of the container.

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Students learn to measure liquids in a graduated cylinder. Measuring liquid is difficult for students. Practice makes students more proficient, but not experts. It takes experience and skill to measure when using a graduated cylinder.


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