Sour vaginal secretions

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Let's get real about vaginas for a minute. Should it be so surprising your lady parts take on the same kind of destructive kind of folklore? We all hear the awkward colloquialisms about vaginas and what they taste like.

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Vaginal discharge is fluid that comes out of the vagina. Most women have discharge at some point during their life. Discharge is usually white or clear.

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Wet discharge generally looks white or transparent. When it dries, the liquid evaporates from it, leaving a white or yellowish solid that can be covered with a crust. Any mucous membrane needs moisturizing.

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Generally speaking, this is nothing to worry about and does not signal any abnormality in the body. Unfortunately, however, there are many women who do experience abnormal vaginal discharge but do not go to a doctor to get it taken care of due to embarrassment. The volume of normal vaginal discharge varies in each person. Because of this, you have to compare for yourself and look at what your normal amounts of vaginal discharge are before, during and after your menstrual cycle.

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What's coming out of your body is a pretty good indicator of what's happening inside your body, and the same is true for your vagina. Whether you're experiencing white vaginal discharge, yellow discharge, slippery discharge, or a thick or smelly discharge, it can tell you a lot about what's going on down there. While most changes in vaginal discharge and smell are normal, others can signify anything from an STD to whether you just need to drink more water.

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If you pick up a GYN textbook the section on candida vaginitis, i. Chunky white discharge being synonymous with yeast is something someone once wrote in a textbook and the myth was perpetuated over and over again until it became accepted as fact by providers and patients alike. One housekeeping point.

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Ready for some truth? All vaginas smell. That's right: It's totally normal to have some kind of scent down there, and no matter what soap commercials tell you, it shouldn't be a light floral one.

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I'd like to let everyone in on a little-known secret about the female body, one that is heavily guarded, even from cisgender women themselves: vaginas are supposed to taste and smell like vaginas. Perhaps you think you already know this information, but you brag about your own vagina's total lack of flavour. Or maybe, you're standing in a drugstore wondering why scented vagina sprays and flavored lubes exist if we were meant to taste regular.

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Plus, the vagina cleans itselfso no! That said, there are certain things that can change your vagina's odor. The vagina is healthy in this acidic state and can keep the less favorable bacteria, which can lead to bad odors, in check, she says.

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To ask her your own question, click here. My question is about the taste of my vagina. Is this change due to hormones, or is it like with men where the foods you eat affect your taste?


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