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CNN -- A Wisconsin judge ruled there is enough evidence for four women to stand trial for their roles in a staged motel tryst that ended with a man tied to a bed, his penis super-glued to his stomach, a lawyer for one of the women said Wednesday. A Calumet County Circuit Court Judge issued the ruling Tuesday after hearing from the alleged victim, who spent about 90 minutes on the witness stand describing his ordeal, attorney Rob Bellin said. The year-old man, who is in custody on charges in an unrelated case, delivered his testimony wearing an orange jailhouse jumpsuit.

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Snopes needs your help! Learn more. This tale of a gal taking revenge on an unfaithful mate is unusual in its violence.

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Chillingly, the victim told how "he had previously tried to chop off my hand with the panga but I managed to escape. This time I could not escape. He then took out super glue and applied it on my vagina while I looked at him with horror and tears streaming down my face.

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Matthew Valente has seen his share of sticky situations in his years as a Chicago-based emergency room physicians, but none were as weird as the man who superglued his hand to his penis. The glue tube just happened to be next to a tube of lubrication he kept on hand for when he and his wife were in the mood for love. Some time in the middle of the night, the unidentified male and his wife decided to have sex and he reached for what he thought was the lubricant.

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The story goes like this: the man's wife and two of his girlfriends hatched a plot to lure him to a Stockbridge motel on July 30 and confront him after learning that he was having "sexual relations" with all of them. The man's wife first contacted the mistresses to inform them that their male lover was married and had a family with children. The three women then agreed that something had to be done about the man's infidelity and decided to confront him in a motel.

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A South Florida woman is going to prison for 40 months for her role in a botched surgery that left a man's penis mangled. Nery Carvajal Gonzalez, 39, of Hialeah, pleaded guilty earlier this week for her role in two slipshod penis enhancement surgeries on the same man that illegally took place in a warehouse in Miami-Dade County, the Miami Herald reported. After a year of penile procedures, the man was no better, so Gonzalez contacted disgraced plastic surgeon named Mark Schreiber — who previously served two years in prison for practicing medicine without a license — and he agreed to perform surgery on the man.

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A married man who planned a motel tryst with one of his several lovers was instead ambushed by four women including his wife. Donessa Davis was lured into a room by Therese Ziemann where he agreed to a bondage session, but once he was securely tied up she, her sister Michelle Belliveau, Wendy Sewell, and wife Tracy Hood-Davis attacked him. He started screaming and the women ran off worried that he could get loose and hurt them, but took his wallet, car and phone.

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A wannabe Don Juan was tempted to a motel in Wisconsin by the prospect of a tryst with one of his numerous lovers. But instead of a night of passion, according to court documents, he found himself confronted by four angry women — among them his wife and another girlfriend — and on the receiving end of a revenge attack grisly enough to make any philanderer think again. Prosecutors are investigating the convoluted incident that ended with the man tied to a bed with his penis superglued to his stomach, an apparent punishment for his womanising ways. The ambush was said to have been set up by the man's wife after she found out he had cheated on her with a number of other women.

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Three women exacted a painful revenge on a cheating husband they discovered had been sleeping with them all at the same time - by superglueing his private parts. The angry women lured married father Donessa Davis to a motel where they decided to humiliate him. The ambush was set up by the man's wife after she discovered he had been cheating on her with as many as five women.

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The FBI charged Jennifer Marie Vargas34, with assault within maritime and territorial jurisdiction resulting in serious bodily injury. She faces up to 10 years in prison. A criminal complaint affidavit said the child's father, who is enlisted in the Army, returned to his home from work Sept.


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