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In case it wasn't clear enough that they were going for beefcake, the critics' pull quotes helpfully remove any doubt.

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And it's much sexier than running one's hands down an unwilling Batman's chest.

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When people talk about sexy male superhero costumes, the go-to example is often Namor.

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Jane Foster is a brilliant scientist, but she's rendered positively moronic at the sight of those mighty abs.

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Naked Marvel characters show off the ridiculous anatomy of a superhero

And Lou Harrison's Captain America pinup is a bit humorous. The prospect of seeing the character Oliver Queen on TV was certainly one draw of Arrow; clearly the CW marketing department felt that Stephen Amell's abs would be another. While the female characters were more universally portrayed as sexy in their swimsuits than the men although maybe someone found the skull emblem covering Punisher's junk hot , many of these pinups do invite aesthetic appreciation of the male form or some interpretation of it. The people-who-are-attracted-to-men gaze is rarely invited into superhero media, especially compared to how often the people-who-are-attracted-to-women gaze is—even when it comes to comics that are ostensibly being marketed to women. The point of this list isn't to say, "Oh, male superheroes are sexualized too! But to her, it's all part of an elaborate bedroom game. The most recent set of Captain America movies may have been a bit cheeky with the steam pouring off of Steve Rogers' newly buff chest, but the film Captain America 2: Death Too Soon already gave us Steve Rogers' strategically ripped shirt.

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