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They walked up near the open flame and slowly danced with her king, newly found lover, and the future father of her children.

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Wiley-Kit continued to play her enchanted tunes from her magical flute.

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But, there was one who was not merry at all, the young Tiger, Tygra.

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She was enjoying a nice glass of ale, when a hand reached out to her.

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I don't plan to find that last War Stone without any proper equipment, or on an empty stom.

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Animated Werewolf Transformation GIFs

Her changes are unexpected because she's at an early stage of her werewolfism where she can't control herself. Cartoon-Werewolves Cartoon Werewolves Unite! We've been on the road for a couple days. Cartoon-Werewolves gallery. I could use a good night's sleep in a real bed.

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  1. What is happening to Penny? She is REALLY looking anorexic.

  2. hey anyone else think the camera work was trash?