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Since her lower-half is unsuitable for traversing land, she normally gets around on a wheelchair, with Kimihito or the other girls pushing her.

monster musume no iru nichijou mero

I believe the real egg is on its way now.

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Before the three demi-human girls attack, Kimihito used a normal chicken egg he purchased from the supermarket to trick the conman whom he then punches in the face.

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As they leave the aquarium, Mero is happily looking at her handiwork, seeing Miia and Kimihito close together; however, her thoughts are interrupted by a pain in her chest.

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Meroune Lorelei

See Also: Meroune's Tragic Romances. However, when in private company or in the water, she merely wears a bikini. When Kimihito became ill, Meroune at first reveled in the tragedy. Mero would partake in Miia's 'date' with their host. Meroune is an attractive, well-endowed young woman with blue eyes, fin-like ears and long light-pink hair, which is separated in four strands curled into drills on their lower parts, with two in front of her shoulders and other two at her back. After she leapt out of the pool, she jumped back into the water when she noticed that Kasegi was filming her nearly-exposed chest.

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