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We can legalise the trade, make the women pay taxes, and declare the pimps to be legitimate businessmen.

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As our researchers discovered, brothels market women merely as merchandise.

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Almost two-thirds are located in flats and more than one-fifth are in a house.

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That starts from eight in the morning.

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Revealed: the truth about brothels

Those who do need educating about the harm that prostitution causes to women and society in general. Unless we think about sustainable and substantive solutions that will eventually eradicate prostitution, it will continue to grow at an alarming rate - research published last year found that in just 10 years, the number of men paying for sex in the UK almost doubled. Others are able to justify to themselves what they do, simply because it is not against the law. This is the approach that government ministers Harriet Harman and Vera Baird support. There are two key ways that the UK can respond. By the end of the project, all the men considered prostitution to be a violent and abusive industry, and perceived the punters as harmful misogynists.

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