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To date, only one giant evolved centaur can be found, and it is located in The Devil's Throat.

fallout centaurs

No one knows where those bird noises in Vault City came from.

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Unlike its two-headed "cousins" in the Core Region, in this type of centaur only the human-like head and torso remain, and the spines on the back are replaced by 3 long, tentacle-like tongues.

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Level 5 Experience points 50 Detection 6.

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Centaur (Fallout: New Vegas)

They are often surrounded by several evolved centaurs and rarely a super mutant master. Individual centaurs don't really pose much of a threat to players, but as a rule of thumb, centaurs never travel alone and are usually found with other centaur variants or super mutants. This variant of centaur also has a ranged attack: a high-arcing, slow-moving saliva projectile that carries lethal doses of radiation. Jump to: navigation , search. For an overview of centaurs in the Fallout series of games, see centaur.

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