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Cute Suzutsuki shocking the blood straight from the nose of Jiro by suddenly appearing in a very low cute and revealing black bikini, in stark contrast to her usual ruffles and high neck lines.

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While this could feel very forced in to meet the anime bikini girl quota, this is actually a much needed break from the upsetting emotional trauma, both for the audience and the characters.

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This is the only place in which she is free to be herself and relax with her friends she trusts and with the man that she loves, Kirito.

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This scene is very crucial in the development of Celty as a character, as it is the first time the viewer realises that she is in fact a women rather than a sheer monster.

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This means they live the same summer break, all be it from different camera angles and with differing conversations, repeatedly over a 9 episode ark. Monster Musume is a raunchy comedy anime that makes no attempt to hold itself back with its wild Ecchi humour and minimal clothing for all characters involved, protagonist included. While SAO is certainly guilty of fan service to a degree, how happy and carefree Asuna appears during these scenes make her entirely more humans and also infinitely more attractive. The combination of attributes makes Haruhi one of the most intriguing and appealing anime girls in existence. Her mother would surely forbid her to reveal this much of herself in front of others in the real world, instead insisting she dress demurely and sophisticated so as not to embarrass the family. How relevant is the bikini to the overarching story and to that characters personal journey. Nami is a borderline kleptomaniac with a habit for stealing and betraying her friends.

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