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Suddenly, Luna walked out of the house with her guitar and a set of drums.

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Lincoln's pen pal, Timmy Turner.

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The two staggered onto their feet and slowly approached each other.

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It's time we settle this the way it was planned when we were 3!

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This enemy boasted a smug look, unaware that his buck teeth slightly alleviated any tension Lincoln had.

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Loud House 8" Plush

Timmy glanced up from his laptop and, in a matter-of-tone, replied, "Hey, you're the one who thought it was a good idea to go into the final dungeon before obtaining the power of wind. You mean you really messed with our memories?! She blankly stared at Timmy. She then threw her twin on the ground and swiftly tied her up with her sash. Lori rolled her eyes at the show of superior intelligence. This could lead to their biggest fight yet.

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