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Their cars are sleeker and their apartments are larger than they would be in real life.

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Though the central characters in The LWord are queer, most of the actors are heterosexual.

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Themes in season one see characters trying to conceive, cheat on lovers, advance careers, fall in lust with co-workers, and come out— professionally and personally.

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The characters are engaging, the scripts are tightly written, the show is slickly produced and it is entertaining and sexy.

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The joke was on him, though—she was already out.

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One of the central characters, is played by Jennifer Beals Flashdance. Developed by Shawn Sanders. Dressed in tailored suits, open collar and white runners, Degeneres exudes lesbian on her talk show. Rumours abound that Katherine Moennig who plays Shane McCutcheon is gay, though she refuses to discuss her orientation. Tulchinsky Ever since Ellen was cancelled, we have been starving for a TV show featuring a loud, proud, leaping lesbian. The only truly homophobic incident she recalls is the time she butted heads with a TV executive who later phoned and threatened to out her. Canadian Mia Kirshner who plays Jenny Schecter has hinted she is bisexual, according to thelwordonline.

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