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In my last article, " How I Thrive ," I described parts of my recent personal transformation and mentioned that I chose to have my tubes tied in the fall as part of my self-liberation. In reality, it's been part of my sexual liberation and one that I think more women, and mothers, should know about. Bottom line: Tube-tying leads to great sex.

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The term endometrial ablation defines removal of both the superficial and deep layer of the lining of the uterus called the endometrium. It is this tissue that causes monthly bleeding and removal of this tissue has been shown to reduce or completely eradicate menstrual bleeding. It is usually performed as a day-case procedure and has a rapid recovery post-operatively. Endometrial ablation is a surgical procedure that describes destruction of the endometrium.

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Wait times are approximate and subject to change. This procedure is done by using a lighted viewing instrument hysteroscope and other instruments to destroy ablate the uterine lining, or endometrium. You may feel somewhat dizzy or sleepy after surgery due to the side effects of the anesthesia.

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Doctors consider menstrual flow to be too heavy if your tampon or sanitary pad is routinely soaked through within two hours. Endometrial ablation is a permanent procedure. Talk to your doctor about whether this is the best option for you.

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Sixteen percent failed treatment—that is, they required hysterectomy or repeat ablation for bleeding or pain within 5 years. Only two types of global endometrial ablation were used in this study: thermal balloon ablation ThermaChoice and radio-frequency ablation NovaSure. Preoperative hormonal therapy was not given.

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For many women who have chosen NovaSuretheir nightmare periods are a thing of the past; however, it is not the solution for every case of heavy bleeding or painful cramping. If you are considering NovaSure, be sure to compare your optionsand discuss your menstrual cycle and any other concerns with your gynecologist. The endometrial ablation does not involve hormone therapy of any kind, which means you may still experience some hormone-related symptoms during the month, such as PMS, bloating, or cramping.

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How do I know? I am constantly receiving comments from women just like you who are researching the NovaSure procedure and wondering if they should go through with it. But there is a significant difference between not enjoying your periods and truly suffering through them.


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