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It might take a while to learn the ways of the brush, but devote some time to cosmetics and their various applications, and the results will be nothing short of astonishing. A recent makeup removal video featuring Asian women is a case in point. The video has garnered over 66 million views in less than a month, and watching how these girls drastically change their appearances within a few secondswe can understand why it went viral.

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Hey everyone! Why is that? Some are friends from growing up, some are from college, and some are friends of friends that have become a part of my friend group.

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Celebrity transformation videos have become a popular trend on Chinese social media. Photo: IC. Ding Lan is sitting in front of her smartphone camera, gently brushing makeup over the left half of her face and quickly applying shades and highlights under her nose, her left eyebrow and left cheekbone.

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But when the job is left to Asian women with superb application skills, spot-on cosmetic extensions and a good eye for fashion, the results can be off the charts. In the first three seconds, one peels off a sculpted, wax-like material from her nose. Another can be seen taking off what looks like adhesives from her jaw later. The video has 62 million views,shares and 72, reactions as of this writing.

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As a Filipino-Chinese woman growing up in America, I was constantly told — by my classmates, by movies and TV shows, and by commercials — that the most beautiful girls in the world had fairer skin, lighter hair, and eyes that didn't look like mine. Looking at myself in the mirror, with my tan skin, dark hairand eyes that I used to describe as "poop-colored," I walked through most of grade school struggling to love my features. In high school, I started seeing girls who look like me on TV.

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After searching the interwebs for easy-to-follow Asian eye makeup tutorials which were a little hard to findEditor Candice decided that she needed to share an easy, monolid-friendly look that she wears for all her big nights out. Lash Curler Mascara. Make sure your look lasts past lunchtime with eyelid primer, which will make pigments pop and set them throughout the day.

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In this timeless video, Claire shares her favorite products and techniques for achieving the perfect winged eyeliner for monolids in foolproof steps. Best For: Smoky Eyes For Hooded Eyes Makeup artist turned beauty guru turned entrepreneur, Tina Yong, created this foolproof guide on nailing the smoky eyes look for hooded eyes. She explains how matte eyeshadows are the best when it comes to hooded eyes along with other super easy tips and tricks.

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For beauty blogger Qi HuaHua, she is also caught up in the incredible trend that is sweeping across China. With the help from tapes that she applies onto her cheeks and a prosthetic nose, Qi transforms into a total goddess…Wow pretty lady. She then proceeds to put on colored-contact lenses, double eyelid tapes, fake eyelashes and does her eyebrows. For slimmer and more defined jaws, Qi put on tapes onto her jaws followed by a prosthetic nose for a defined nose bridge.

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Asian women are such classic beauties! They have extremely beautiful petite frames, flawless butter smooth skin, silky straight dark hair and lovely facial features. Enhance all these qualities and they remind of dolls!

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As someone with distinct East Asian features, I felt that lack of diversity way back when I was a teen experimenting with makeup. I scoured makeup counters for a foundation that perfectly matched my skin tone to no avail. It was always a shade too dark or light and the undertones were always pink when what I really needed was something with a warm yellow undertone.


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