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Show less You love your dog, but inevitably they may have an accident in the house every now and again. Dried urine has a strong ammonia smell that can be difficult to get rid of.

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If you have ever had a puppy, you know what a long and arduous journey housebreaking can be! Another common situation that can happen is you have a friends dog over, and that dog decides to mark in your house. To make matters worse, your dog will smell the scent and want to cover it with their own — more dog pee!

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Add a one-pound box of baking soda to your regular detergent and wash as usual, air-drying if possible. If you can still see or smell the soiling, wash again with an enzymatic cleaner — these break down pet-waste odors. If your pet soils the sheets or blankets on a bed, cover the bed with a vinyl, flannel-backed tablecloth while you retrain them.

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Now you want to know how to get dog pee out of carpet. Prevention is key and can save you and your family down the line. You may have waited too long to let the dog out.

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They provide us with a whole lot of joy, but an unfortunate side effect of living with them is the fact that we end up with both stains and odors that can get rather distasteful. There are a lot of different types of cleaners that are on the market, and depending on what you need to clean some will work better than others. They function by doing a complete breakdown of both the compounds which make up the stain and those which produce the odor.

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Potty training takes time, and all puppies have accidents at some point. If your pup has made a mess, do your best to clean it up as soon as possible. These products contain enzymes that break down waste and kill odors.

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Everybody pees. Humans pee in toilets or diapersdogs pee on grass and cats pee in litter boxes. But sometimes, for reasons known only to them, cats choose to bypass the litter box and pee wherever they damn well feel like peeing.

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Puppy potty accidents during house training often result in pet stains but changing food too quickly also can lead to messes when the puppy can't get to their bathroom in time. Puppies that feel sick also can lose potty trainingeven though they know better. Besides getting rid of odors, cleaning the right way helps prevent future potty accidents. Simply mopping up the mess may satisfy your nose, but the smell lures your innocent puppy back to the scene of the crime to repeat the dirty deed, time after time.

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This post may contain affiliate links. Read more here. Check out this article for more on the possible causes of puppy potty problems and how you can help them and yourself.

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No matter how well trained your dog is, and how diligently you keep to your potty-break schedule, sometimes pee happens. And even if you come upon a dried urine puddle or stain, there are still things you can do to remove the smell. Now what? Luckily, you probably have the tools for the job right at hand.


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