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Most ladies -- myself included -- have grimaced and spit out some sperm on occasion. But what about your own taste? Have you ever stopped someone from going down on you for fear of what their reaction might be?

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Most men see your swallowing of their cum as an act of acceptance. It means you, as his girlfriend, accepts and even worships him and his entire being. When you do, it makes him feel more special, bringing him closer to you.

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Unfortunately, science hasn't cracked that code quite yet. We know, kind of crazy that inwhen we can hurtle across the world in airborne tin cans and send electronic messages in seconds, there's still no groundbreaking way to freshen up his spunk. With that said, there are still a few things you can try.

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What you can do to make your sperm taste better so that she goes down on you. If your partner goes down on you, you may wonder how your sperm tastes. You may worry that it will taste bitter or salty to your girl and that she may not want you to ejaculate in her mouth.

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As someone who writes about how to have great sexthere are a few questions that people love to ask me anonymously, or after a few strong cocktails. The second most common question I get asked is, "Oh my god, what does your mom think about what you do? Straight women in sexual relationships spend a lot of time with their man's penis.

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I used to be a spitter, that was until I realized it was just easier for me to swallow. I think I always was a swallower until I had one overly salty experience with a guy that totally had me put off from cum. I get it, ladies, some guys have very strong tasting cum which is something that once enters your mouth, scars you forever.

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Verified by Psychology Today. All About Sex. Many women are happy to have lovers ejaculate in their mouths and swallow the semen. Others can't stand the idea.

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Credit: Bigstock. So, in order to get you to try it, your man may have to sweeten the deal a little — literally! Your partner will notice and appreciate the change in the taste.

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Illustrations by Heather Benjamin. All illustrations by Heather Benjamin. It was true; I kissed her and my semen tasted like fruit juice. During the previous few days, I had eaten pineapple and berries for lunch and was drinking more juice than usual.


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