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Then, 25 mg of highly grinded Macrogol was added to the photocatalyst solution and the ultrasonic treatment was repeated with magnetic stirring for 30 min each.

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The experiments were performed in a mL volume glass beaker.

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Comparison of the RhB degradation activity of our photocatalyst with previous reports.

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The binder was prepared by stirring terpineol and ethyl cellulose in a ratio of 1 g of ethyl cellulose to 10 mL of terpineol.

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Author Contributions Conceptualization, F.

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Journal List Nanomaterials Basel v. Gas sensing with semiconducting perovskite oxide LaFeO 3. Effect of preparation methods on the properties of titania nanoparticles: Solvothermal versus sol-gel. According to Armstrong et al. On the other hand, the energy band gap of SnO 2 is 3. The degradation of various toxic, organic pollutants via semiconducting nanomaterials with the assistance of solar energy offers a hygienic and environmentally friendly method [ 1 ].

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